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To My Future Self❣️

Hey Disha! Wassup? I know everything might be perfect, and what about your bucket list ? I hope you are working on it. Entirely different personality, right?Oh, I’m so sorry but It’s just that I’m too curious 😬 From an always loved cute, little baby to a hot 21 yr old grown adult (hope so😂), … Continue reading To My Future Self❣️

Happy Teacher’s Day💞

They may have to be rude,still they love,They might burden you,still they foster,They may scarcely acknowledge you,still they bless, they admire!! Since the very first day of schooling, a teacher holds every student’s hand as their own child’s. They make sure that school becomes a second home for all of us. They are the people … Continue reading Happy Teacher’s Day💞

Thriving Woman

Maybe she shouldn’t have gone out after 9,Or maybe her clothes were diminutive,No,To tell the truth, she was damn beautiful! Isn’t it extremely fascinating ? A bazillion reasons will be given to prove that: Yes, it’s always her fault and never his! Be it acid attack, rape, domestic violence, human trafficking, (ohh, the list is … Continue reading Thriving Woman

A Legion Reasons

The Nightingale is hushed today,It might have a reason. The jam road is deserted today,It might have a reason. The jovial face is upsetting today,It might have reason and if today wasn’t yours ,It definitely has a reason ! I believe we all are just a small part of a bigger plan. Sometimes things aren’t … Continue reading A Legion Reasons

Let’s Stop 2020!!

I have heard people saying, “2020 please, can you just stop!?”I say it manier times as well, but it was yesterday when something hit me hard. It said shouldn’t it be, “People, can you please stop 2020?”yeah ,so this is it. I see people meeting the ones that they never had before, I see them … Continue reading Let’s Stop 2020!!

The Journey Between Run Outs🏏

Mahi! Mahi!Mahi! Mahi!
The iconic stadium is filled with elation when Dhoni enters….. Millions of screaming fans dying for a glimpse of his helicopter shot….Kids claiming their….continue reading

Bless your Blessings

“Dadda, All my friends own big cars, why don’t you get me one?!”“Mumma, Awwee who eats Dal everyday?”“God,Why me? Can’t I be like rest of my friends?”“Mumma, I am not wearing these things,I need a new closet”“Dad ,can’t you even take me for a summer vacation ?” Oh God, I HATE my life!! Hate? How … Continue reading Bless your Blessings

Carpe Diem

If you look back,do so forgivingly, If you look forward,do so prayerfully, However the wisest thing you can do is be PRESENT in the PRESENT…..gratefully May Anglou. It is said thank him for every moment you are gifted but do you really embrace every single moment ?Thinking about the bitter past and the uncertain future … Continue reading Carpe Diem

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