Cheat Days

I have visited many places,But our home is where,I can see those golden faces, Journeying down from olden memories.. Hey!! Glad to see you again!How have you been?I am so thrilled that, Around you right now, Time has just stopped speedin’! Yesterday, Today,Every second with you, Is a moment of paradise, Cheat days that we … Continue reading Cheat Days

White Happiness ⬜✌

Its lights off now,Eyelids are shut,They project black. It may not seem right,But I see the color white,A bright pearly white. Why you ask? Her last text. Has raised me far too high,To the peak of excitement,To the crest of happiness. Its just white up here,The sun’s happy glare,The fluffs of water droplets,The obscuring snow,The … Continue reading White Happiness ⬜✌

An Excuse

Aren’t you tired of giving and listening to excuses?!
I have been asking questions,
Truly, it is quite tedious,
Because this is all you give me-
An Excuse.

An Echo Of The Healers!

I learnt letting go hurts,You taught that to me,The night you heard goodbye,From your best friend… I admit!!I did envy your friend-‘ship’,I did relish when you fought,I did want not to be alone,I did feel sorry that full moon night,When he pushed you off,Yet, When you fell in my life boat,I did cherish it!! We … Continue reading An Echo Of The Healers!

Behind the Mask

Masks are our best defense!!My mask protects you,And your mask protects me!! Anonymous I finally stepped out,Walking on a rain-washed street ,A mask veiling my smile,Ahh! It really has been a while!! It was a great risk I know, But I need to make the best of the worst!!A river of uncovered faces flows, Now … Continue reading Behind the Mask

Do You Not Know Her?💖

Do you not know this person? A better question yet.. Do you know yourself?Look again you might find your reflection in the words I have written. Might be that I know you better than you know yourself…

Living In A Storm

I know these are hard times,dark clouds are pouring sickness,death and fear sinking in faster,than the hope of merriness… The world today is messed up,Families face daily disrupt,All of us, either empty or broken,Have lost self-control,Souls with a hole and no role… A microbe is terrorizing us,Are advised to stay on “high alert!”Now the air … Continue reading Living In A Storm

A Haiku Beginner

So, for some days we have been experimenting our writing skills at haiku. We would like to thank Ben Dwyer from haiku.blog for helping us out! You can check out his blog here. A haiku is a type of short poetry originally from Japan. A haiku consist of three phrases/lines that contain 17 syllables usually … Continue reading A Haiku Beginner

Just Innocence

Job is money,
Money is food,
Food is life,
So live,
For the job….continue

Dear Mom💖

All that I am or ever hope to be ,I owe it to my angel mother!!
Dear Mom, No chronicles, No sagas,No encyclopedias,Will be enough to….Continue reading

Why is it so Bizzare?

He walks with leaden steps,
Even from a thousand feet away,
I could see……He’s just another stranger,yet,
I understand who he is…
You are invited here anytime, dear stranger,
Or do you prefer the name …….continue

Resolutely Mettlesome

This is a verselet for all those people who have lost their jobs due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It is to remind them to have hope. Please share if you know someone who have been dismissed from their jobs. Wonder what she will do now, That little thing has stopped the world No job, high … Continue reading Resolutely Mettlesome

Rara Flos

It is said: To be irreplaceable one should be unique. There is nothing wrong in being of a kind, rather than copying someone try being one’s self because being different isn’t a problem but a blessing………..

Two-edged Beauty

In our obscurity, in all this vastness, there is not hint that help will come from elsewhere to save us from ourselves. IT IS UP TO US! Carl Sagan I had just awoken to,Yet another boring Wednesday,Not realizing I crashed into,Yet another human catastrophé.. The Rhosus blazing in flames,A cloud of smoke ever-rising,A ruinous flame … Continue reading Two-edged Beauty


Without music,Life would be a mistake… FRIEDRICH NIETZSCH On hitting,The playlist on my mp3,Am discovering,The perfect bliss for me….. Disconnecting,From the world’s despair,Retreating,My soul and mind I repair….. The alluring lyrics,Say the words which went unsaid,Waking the senses long asleep,Explain the thoughts unexplained,Under my skin they go far too deep….. The melodies drifting me away,Like … Continue reading Music


Ascending far above the trees, Wishing to stay on cloud nine, Wanting to push and amplify my limits, Go far and beyond from being just fine…. What a quest ! A splendid adventure ! To reach the highest place on Earth, Or to cross the far away horizon, Ohh! I can only hope it quenches … Continue reading Insatiable


Keep the FAITH , things will get better, It may be stormy now, but it can’t rain forever… Abdifatah Ahmed. Ohh look! another tide comes in, but I sense no solace emanating. The tide just checks in and sets off, If only to return later and keep an eye out on me. The waves gesticulate … Continue reading Deistic


Anopolò is a Greek word for reminisce meaning an enjoyable recollection of the past. “I miss the good old days…. The little needs…… and a lot more HAPPINESS” Parr Winn Nights ago dad narrated this to me: those were the delightful days, running through fields and napping in boughs, consuming the warmth of the sun, … Continue reading Anopolò

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