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Talking To My Reflection

This may make no sense,But here is,A conversation, with my reflection :- Who we are is enough,Yet you convince me otherwise,When times get tough,I always persevere and rise,But you ask too much! Yes I expect a lot,You got to deserve what you get,This is your only shot,And I want for you what’s best! Yeah, Yeah, … Continue reading Talking To My Reflection

Flaunting Your Flaws❤️

Reading time-4 min
If you start being perfect, and an overachiever even the word perfection may lose its charm…Flaws are not to be cried upon instead to be..

A Waterfall In My Brain

I have seen a waterfall in my brain,But people have forced a log there,A pressure to remember facts,Which I need not remember!!~Please let me forget some things,Let them trickle off. I think,Those superfluous details,And some hurtful memories,Are best locked in dungeon jails,Not in my neuron cells!!~Barriers have flaws, and so do I,I cannot have a … Continue reading A Waterfall In My Brain

The Temple of Silence

Reading time: 3 min
She asked me to search, The sacred temple of silence.. I actually did fond it..

Hold On

~Hold on to my mistakes,Even if my flaws outnumber yours.~Hold on to the colors we saw,Even if a canvas couldn’t capture them.~Hold on to my hand,Even if our tomorrow is only a fantasy.~Hold on to all our moments,Even if they become grey memories someday.~Hold on to the sorrows I gave you,Even if you are hurt, … Continue reading Hold On

Beyond Love(#9)

Chapter 9: The Last Words ~Valentine’s Day~ A day known for love, the Game-X Zone was decorated red and couples were having fun with their valentines. 14th Feb, ahh the perfect day for Raghav’s perfect plan. He wanted to propose Anjali and Sara was all set to surprise Raghav as well. ~Anjali~ Anjali knew deep … Continue reading Beyond Love(#9)


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