Hey!! We have begun with our first story “Beyond Love”…. This page has the few chapters that we have written. Hope you guys like the story we have to build up!!

Just a beginner!!

Beyond Love❣️

Chapter 1- An Introduction ~ Raghav ~ The entire canteen of JBIMS College stirred when Raghav screamed, “What the hell!” All the people began surrounding Raghav and his friends. “Everybody out, right now!!!” ordered Raghav. Being the college trusty’s son nobody had the guts to question him, so they hastened to leave. He was 22 … Continue reading Beyond Love❣️

Beyond Love(#2)

For first chapter click here. Chapter 2- A Victory and A Loss ~Raghav~ Its 4 pm and Raghav returns home. He goes straight to his dad’s office. “Hey pops…need a MASSIVE favor!!” “Raghav not NOW!!!!”the shout echoes back. “Just listen dad. The new coach says I cannot be on the football team…do something” he says … Continue reading Beyond Love(#2)

Beyond Love(#3)

Chapter 2 Chapter 3- At the Cafe ~Raghav~ “So guys, what would you like to have?” “Keep that aside you moody, first reveal the reason behind this unconditional happiness.” “I’m in the team bro! After all they knew they couldn’t win without me.” “Yesssss, you are the best baby”, exclaimed Shreya. Raghav and Shreya have … Continue reading Beyond Love(#3)

Beyond Love(#4)

If you have missed the previous chapters click here!!!! Chapter 4 : A Celebration! ~Raghav~ “Happy Birthday my champ!”,wishes Mr. Kumar. “Thank you pops🤩❤️.” “So what’s today’s plan?” “As always, the entire college is invited to our Pub.” “Ok….Have a great day then, let me know if you need any kind of help.” Raghav’s birthday … Continue reading Beyond Love(#4)

Beyond Love(#5)

In case you missed the previous ones click here!! Chapter 4.2 : A Celebration ~Sara~ Sara is busy dancing and looking for some handsome guyss. “Sara! Sara!” calls Anjali again. “Yes madam, what’s the matter?” “I’m just going out..I need some fresh air.” “Okayy..? Should I com-“ “Nah it’s fine. I’ll be back soon” says … Continue reading Beyond Love(#5)

Beyond Love(#6)

Previous Chapters!!! Chapter 5: She Needs Help ~Anjali~ The perturbing news had crippled all her happiness. She heard a far away voice was asking her something.. “Hey Anjali? You don’t look fine! What happened?!?” It was Raghav.. Anjali was in no state to answer ” I …I.. don’t ” She took an auto and rushed … Continue reading Beyond Love(#6)

Beyond Love(#8)

Chapter 8 : Save Me From Drowning! ~Anjali~ “Hey Aai!” “Hello Anju, How is your first day going?” “Pretty well! It actually feels satisfying meeting everybody after so long.” “See.. I had told you. Anyways, When are you returning?” “Umm, have some work. I’ll text you later. Okay bye, take care .” “A..Anju listen”, but … Continue reading Beyond Love(#8)

Beyond Love(#9)

Chapter 9: The Last Words ~Valentine’s Day~ A day known for love, the Game-X Zone was decorated red and couples were having fun with their valentines. 14th Feb, ahh the perfect day for Raghav’s perfect plan. He wanted to propose Anjali and Sara was all set to surprise Raghav as well. ~Anjali~ Anjali knew deep … Continue reading Beyond Love(#9)

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